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Hey, I'm new to the community...could someone, er, show me around?

LA, BrieBriBeez
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hi- sorry im a little shocked...not many people seem to find this community.
Im always available as is optimisticblond-since we created the community so feel free to ask anything

hehe...only true and faithful lija fans would find it then! so, tell me about how you guys run the place, are there any rules, etc etc? oh and...just a warning, I have a tendancy to get...weird...about things, so my apologies beforehand! got any cool pics of lija that I might not have seen before? link me up!
la, Bri
Weird? how'd you mean> weirdness fits in great,
We havent really done much on the community- not many people have joined- due to there being others that are probably better- we just started this- because of flipper- flipperism is like a religion- man i havent been near the community for ages. we set it up a while back
RULES? hmmm i dont think we have any- like i said its been a while so your input is more than welcome
i'm just odd, and have a tendancy to make people hate me! I think you're community is just fine, and I bet the other ones just have rude obnoxious people who aren't worth hanging around with! You guys sound really cool!(please, no hate mail for the comment about other a little wee confession. I've never seen the movie Flipper. It was out when I was younger and no one else in my family wanted to see it, so my parents refused to rent it. Now, I can't find it in ANY video stores or anything, so I am buying it from once I get some cash. I've seen a few of Lija's other movies, and I absolutely adore him, hes a wonderful actor, hes interesting, down-to-earth, and not to mention completely adorable! If you have anything you'd like to know about me, PLEASE ask! There isn't really much to tell, but go ahead and ask if you'd like. You don't have any rules about language, stupid posts, or anything? Some of the places I've seen are really strict about what you post, and don't let people in if they post about random things...which I have a MAJOR tendancy to do!
Thanks soooo much for welcoming me!
Ciao, LA, Bri
random is good- theres only so many times and ways people can say hes cute- so a little change is goos...When you see flipper- wait til hes in the water in his white shorts- thats like our face scene in that film- kinda inspired this community:) obv when talking about EW bad language isnt usually something that comes up- so easy on that
alright, thats cool...i've seen pics of him in his white shorts, and personally...i must say, i love it! lol! I will be easy on the language, i just wanted to make sure cuz sometimes I slip...but I'll watch my, er, fingers!
ciao, La, bri
thats alright then-i let slip in my own journal somewhat so...i can forgive it-lol

well great to have you ^_^

otays! muy graci!

la, Bri
Hey! :)
how can I write in a community that I've joined?
In the upper left corner of your screen, where it says Update Your Journal, there are three periods next to it "...", click on those, they will take you to a page where you type in what you want to say, and below where it says "Update Journal"it will say Post This Entry In: (a little click down thing will be here) and you choose the community or whatever you want to post in, then click update journal. Hope that helps!
LA, Bri
Ohh!! Thx :)
You're welcome!
LA, Bri